New to Meditating

How Do You Meditate? 3 Simple Ways

Meditation can seem daunting to someone who is new to the idea. Mediation. It just sounds so… mysterious. Well, I’m here to tell you, its not! There are many different types of meditation, and ways to meditate, but I’ll tell you the simplest forms, for right now. Simple is best. Especially for beginning meditation. So, here we go!

1. Being Silent

You can benefit from being silent for at least 1 hour per day. But what do I mean by “being silent?” Being silent doesn’t necessarily mean just sitting quietly in a quiet room. That would be optimal, but is not always obtainable. The best way to be silent, in a non silent world, is to go about your daily business, but do not speak, and do not receive any information from other people, including the internet (social media, new sites, etc.), television, etc. During this hour, you can be driving, cooking, walking around a park or forest. You can do anything where you will not be disturbed by outside influences.

2. Guided Meditation

Sometimes, the hardest thing for people to do when they first start to meditate is to concentrate, without their thoughts straying. Of course, when you sit for a long period of time (even just 15 minutes), your mind will wander. This is where guided meditation can help. Guided meditation keeps your mind going because you are constantly thinking about something constructive within the meditation. There are different types of guided meditations. Some of them will take you on a journey, and some just tell you what to do while you are meditating. Whatever works best for you is the best!


3. Saying or Listening to Positive Affirmations

Saying out loud (or in your mind) or listening to positive affirmations is very healing and uplifting. This can be meditative, especially if done while sitting or lying down silently. You can also think positive thoughts, and picture positive images. You can create your own positive affirmations about you and your life, or you can look them up. I have positive affirmation meditations on my site, and YouTube Channel.


Meditation does not have to be difficult. It is actually very simple is you make it simple on yourself. There are more advanced meditations who’s purposes are for more specific outcomes, but when you are just starting these are the best you can do.

I do recommend meditating for 30-60 minutes. But if you can only do it for 5 or 10 minutes, that’s better than nothing!

Check out my Meditations & Hypnosis page for some mp3s to listen to!




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