Hypnosis for Children? Of course!

Hello, and welcome to Uplifting Vibrations! Today I am talking about Hypnosis, but not just any hypnosis, hypnosis for kids! Anyone can be hypnotized, including children (usually over the age of three), and they will love it. Hypnosis has helped so many people with so many different things, including: anxiety/stress, sleeping/insomnia, ADHD, ADD, other hyperactive and attention disorders, fears of the dark, etc. Children are open to hypnosis, as long as you, the parent, are. Children can sense your uneasiness, so if you are, they will not benefit from it.

During a hypnosis session for children, the hypnotist should let you and your child feel free and comfortable. You should be able to stay in the room with your child, or let your child decide if they want you there, or not. I offer custom hypnosis mp3s and hypnosis sessions over the phone or Skype. In the custom mp3s I let you choose if you, or your child, wants music in the background. I talk in a soothing voice, in words your child will understand. Custom mp3s can be made so the child feels refreshed and awake afterward, or the child is peacefully put to sleep.

Children are essential in our world, and I truly believe they are the light in the dark. We need to keep that spark alive in their hearts, and hypnosis can help with that!

I can help your child overcome anxiety, insomnia, fears, and anything else you can think of!

Allyson Marie



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